Friday, January 27, 2012

channeling marilyn

On this wonderful Friday, I thought I would share a movie that is providing me loads of inspiration these days. I saw My Week With Marilyn this week, and was blown away by Michelle Williams' performance, and the wardrobe for her portrayal as Ms. Monroe.

Despite how famous Marilyn is in Hollywood lore, I do not know much about her, and this movie was a beautifully made look into her complicated and glamourous life.

I'm not sure if it is period pieces from the 1950s in general, but seeing this movie left me seriously craving soft sweaters, houndstooth pants, scarves, camel wrap coats, classic wayfarer sunnies, and knee length pencil skirts (kudos to the costume designers!) 

When looking up pieces of clothing inspired by the looks created for the role of Marilyn, I stumbled upon this site... they did a great job finding gorgeous 50s inspired items that work for the modern woman 
(what I have been preaching about classic styles being the focus of one's wardrobe!?)
Get the look {here, here, & here)

Get Marilyn's style: black turtle neck + houndstooth 
All images via {here} and {here}
have a great weekend full of new adventures!

P.S. If you are new here from finding me on the "IT list", Welcome! I am so glad you are here
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Thanks for reading, and have a fabulous weekend! I am looking forward to Tango lessons with Ty, an Art Crawl featuring free wine, and catching up with my to-do list these next couple of days!


  1. I've been wanting to see this movie but now I've definitely got to! Great ideas for classic style.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like such a good movie, and the style is so inspiring. I feel like it would be so much fun to incorporate a bit of these pieces into my everyday wardrobe.


  3. Yes, put it on your list. It and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close are the 2 best movies I have seen so far this year - and I see a lot of movies!

  4. Yes, put it on your list. It and Incredibly Loud and Uncomfortable Close are the 2 best movies I have seen so far this year - and I see a lot of movies!

  5. yes yes yes! I want to wrap myself in that camel coat right this second!

  6. I know - it makes me want to have a 1950s cocktail party! I love 1950/1960s pieces that are classics and not costume items

  7. definitely, this is one of the movies that now I actually want to go back and read the book. Michelle Williams is flawless as Marilyn... by the end I had almost forgotten and differences between Marilyn and Michelle's look!
    have a great weekend

  8. Oh I love this so much!! I want to see this movie and maybe draw more inspiration!


  9. The pieces in this movie are gorgeous. I love the coats and scarves!


  10. I want to see this movie as well! xx

  11. I need to see this movie! Now I also feel that I need to find some gingham pants!



    in the Poodle Shoes

  12. Yes! I loved her gingham pants! She made them look so chic!

  13. i have been hearing so much about this movie! i really need to go see it! love her style

    love from San Francisco,Britt+Whit  

  14. I can't wait to see this movie... I just read the book and it was SO good!

  15. *cries* This movie is a piece of crap. (Aside from Marilyn's effortlessly chic wardrobe, of course. The movie costumes are based on her real clothing.) Anyway, it is not a true story at all, no matter what Emma Watson says. (Really, like she was there.) Sadly, Marilyn Monroe was pregnant during the filming of "The Prince & The Showgirl", and she miscarried. I guess Colin Clark forgot that part in both his books, hmm? You're better off watching Marilyn in her own films. She was terrific!

  16. Marilyn wore those checked pants from the time of her 1940s modelling career to the day she died. She was so not about materialism and wanting possessions. I simply adore her!


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