Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend warrior

Sweater - J.Crew
Skinny Jeans - Genetic Denim {similar}
Booties - Charlotte Russe
Saturday was a big day for me - I ran my first 5K! After the race I had to check some errands off my to-do list, but didn't have much energy for getting all gussied up. Throwing on this camel J.Crew sweater was completely comfortable, without being a baggy sweatshirt. This sweater is now on sale - and I highly recommend it! Check it out here 

Doing errands while not looking disheveled makes me feel better about myself. It's the little things people!

Do you agree that by simply putting on your favorite necklace or sweater you can fool yourself into feeling great? Personally, it is my best trick when feeling sluggish on the weekends!


  1. thanks for sharing

  2. Cute outfit.
    Your boots are beautiful.

  3. you ran a 5K and then walked around in heels? ummm ... my hero! congrats!

  4. I love comfy sweaters like this! Congrats on the 5k


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