Friday, January 6, 2012

I must have been a good girl this year...

I must have been a good girl this year, because my family spoiled me way tooooo much for Christmas! Not only was I loved on until I was rotten, and fed until I was turning down delicious cookies, but the gifts that I opened through out Christmas weekend were above and beyond amazing.
 I got this beautiful cake stand (aka New Years' Eve decoration holder) from my mother. She handcrafted a vintage plate + a candlestick to = a cake (or anything) stand
 In light of the fact that I want to DIY a bunch of projects in 2012, I was gifted a sewing machine from my Dad & Sissy, along with craft books (P.S. I Made This, and The Colette Sewing Handbook)

I am looking forward to first learning how to master the sewing machine (I had to ask Sissy if it needed to be plugged in.... hrm), and then taking down some DIY crafting!
 Every year my father takes great pleasure in giving his present to my sisters and I ($$$) in a "trick"box - he likes to see us suffer! haha Each Christmas we receive a puzzle box that requires a good amount of effort/banging/whining to open (ok, maybe the whining is optional, but it happens every year without fail!) I am racking up quite a box collection, but it is one of my favorite Christmas traditions
 My parents also got me this beautiful frog (conga line) sculpture. Because I study frogs and find them very interesting, this is especially fitting
My wonderful boyfriend checked out my Pinterest Wish List, and chose a Kate Spade iPhone case and this beyond gorgeous House of Harlow bracelet (what a smart boy!)
 My sister and brother-in-law in addition to getting me one of the sewing books also gave me these Anthrolopologie ceramic baskets, that have been great for storing all of my bangles and bobbles!

I also got Scategories (already been played a couple of times!), some beautiful scarves, 2 vintage purses (a cute little one from my grandmother, and a vintage beaded clutch from my mother's family), a cordless vacuum (you don't even want to know how excited I am about this!), a Lulu Frost bangle from my best friend, and so many other beautiful things from my fabulous family 
that I am forgetting about right now...

But wait there is more...

So, the "Daddy cash" that my father so generously gives to me usually gets put into my bank account and used to pay my bills (how boring/sad), but this year I promised myself that I would use the money to splurge on something that I really, really wanted. That way, when ever I used that item, it would make me really happy, and I would think about my Dad.

So to kick this new habit off, I bought a Canon Rebel T2i
You are going to be seeing a lot more of this bad boy and his handiwork around here... 
once I figure out how to use him! haha 
(**most of the pictures on this post were taken last night with my new toy, so at least I know how to turn it on and take the lens cap off... that's a start!... right?... right?...)

See... told you I was spoiled! I better actually be good this year to make up for all that spoiled-rotteness!
What was your favorite Christmas gift?
Anything that you have yet to figure out how to use?
I better get started on reading some instructions manuals!


  1. Oh wow, what an amazing Christmas you had! You got such wonderful gifts! Especially love that you got a sewing machine. I recently bought one and have had so much fun learning how to use and starting DIY projects :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. i got a new camera for the holidays as well! isn't it the best present ever?? xx sylvie

  3. Good girls get good gifts!

  4. You got so many awesome gifts!!  And very thoughtful ones too.


  5. Congratulation for the camera, I have
    the same one and it’s worth every penny, I just love mine and I think it’s one
    of the best way I have spend my money ever! You have an awesome blog by the way
    and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!


    Culture&Fashion Magic


  6. Thank you Sara! I checked out yours as well and was so very inspired! Now hopefully I can learn to use my camera as prolifically as you!

  7. I am loving my new camera... it currently is a big, fancy piece of plastic, i am hoping that one day i will master it and he will be my BFF! haha


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