Thursday, January 19, 2012

colored denim party

Since discovering my love of colored denim, I took to Polyvore to explore some more colored denim ensembles. Denim of color has been growing in popularity since this past summer, and I do not see the trend fading anytime soon. I am especially excited about rocking some bright denim this Spring and Summer, and incorporating other trends such as color blocking, polka dots, nautical stripes, and my love of chambray. 

In my inaugural Polyvore set I explored looks I can imagine wearing to work in the research lab. My typical work "uniform" is a structured/interesting top + skinny jeans + easy to wear all day low/flat shoes. In this colored denim party I joined pieces that I can easily see in my closet, that would play along nicely with what I already have.

VoilĂ , I present you
{1} the romantic colored denim
{2} the colored blocked denim
{3} the laid-back classic denim
{4} the yacht club denim
Have you tried the colored denim trend yet?
What are some of your favorite ways to wear bright denim?
Ventured into colored denim bell bottoms or wide leg styles?
Do share!


  1. I am so thinking about trying denim, that was actually my latest post as well!  Im definitely on the fence and leaning towards going for it!  Check out my post/blog sometime, id love a new follower! www.fallwith.us

  2. Colored denim is so fun! I have at least 3 outfits picked out in my closet waiting for me to buy emerald green, tangerine, and red denim! Love the looks you put together!

  3. great choices..love the nude flats with the bow

  4. Lovely ideas! I'm starting to live colored denims right now. The first one with the polka dot top looked just like my type, love the shoes.
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  5. great choices.  love your blog.


  6. Such cute looks! I especially love the pink jeans with the polka dot top. I don't have any color jeans yet but hoping to add them soon to my wardrobe.  :)



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