Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the shape of spring: peplum

Being the underpaid graduate student that I am, I subscribe to magazines only when I can afford them with my Coke Reward Points. While I love reading high fashion magazines, most of them hardly apply or are relevant to my life and fashion here in Nashville. Looking at the pretty high fashion pictures is a wonderful way to unwind, but mostly I figure if I can't afford the magazine, how am I to afford the fashionable clothing printed inside!?
"The Shape of Things to Come" via Elle February 2012 issue

This month's Elle changed my mind, a little bit.
The article on "The Shape of Things to Come" was very realistic, and I actually found myself getting excited about peplums and knife pleats!
In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that I am going to feature one of the 4 "shapes" highlighted in this article, each day for the rest of the week and include "real-life" examples of how to wear the "trend"

"The Peplum Top" via Elle February 2012 issue
 I think that the peplum is actually a very classic shape that reminds me of 1950's cocktail hours, and also one that is highly flattering (waist whittling, hip covering). The idea of a "peplum" is a short overskirt or veil that is attached to a shirt, skirt, jacket or dress (I guess it could be found on pants too...). 
This season's peplum shape comes in all colors and levels of flair for the dramatic. To keep this item in your closet for seasons well beyond this Spring, I recommend a classic black or navy peplum top {2 or 4 below}. But if you are in the market for a trendy peplum or wanting to purchase many, there are loads of colorful, and playful options currently in stores {1, 3, 5, 6}.
And don't be afraid to rock your peplum tops with skinny jeans & sky-high heels, shorts & wedges, pencil skirts & pumps. Or try your peplum skirts with playful bodysuits & ladylike silk blouses (just keep it tidy up top to balance the frilly-ness below).

What is your penchant for peplums?

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  1. This trend is soo adorable! I especially love the peplums on those dresses, super cute and so sophisticated!



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