Saturday, August 18, 2012

gift guide: bachelorette

Panama City Beach baby!
I am currently kicking it on the Florida beaches with my gal pals for my college bestie's bachelorette bash!
As the Maid of Honor I had so much fun working with Mich to make her destination bachelorette bash everything she wanted - and some stuff she didn't... 
a little embarrassment is sure to happen against her wishes ;)
{ garland // dress // tank // Essie polish // sash // photo props // goblet // tiara // tumblers // hand towels // silk robe // romper }
My inspiration for decorations was grown up girlie - think pinks, silver, and a little bit of sugary fluff!
I can't wait to paint our nails, have one too many girlie drinks and giggle our tushys off watching Mich open her naughty gifts. 
Don't tell Michelle, but my gift is a silk robe... so luxurious, and a treat for the honeymoon!


  1. Love the photo props! We had them at our wedding!


  2. So much cute stuff! I love it!

  3. Have fun in that southern sunny state Jessica! Florida is a dream of mine :) Can't wait to go to Miami one day! Also, how fun that you're the made of honour :) I can only imagine the fun (and stress!) of planning a Bachelorette weekend! x


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