Friday, October 12, 2012

just a few of my favorites

{ What I Wore: J.Crew cashmere sweater // Blank Denim mint jeans (love these) // Old Navy ballet flats // Kate Spade earrings & bracelet }
 On our anniversary we stayed in and snuggled up to some wine & board games... my favorite kind of date night on a chilly evening!
(Oh, and I talked my man friend into taking some quick pictures of me too... win!)

I put on some of my old and new favorites: birthday present cashmere sweater, favored mint jeans that I refuse to put away for Fall, birthday present jewelry from my bestie, and a pair of funky ballet flats that have recently made their way to my closet.
 Putting on my favorite pieces and hanging out with my cutie instantly brings a smile to my face.
Do you have a "feel good" item? Or entire outfit??
Hope you have a great weekend
Thank you for your wishes of good health - I am starting to feel better, and although I know sleep is the best medicine, looks like I won't be getting much this weekend between building a Habitat for Humanity house and a horseback riding date with the boy.


  1. Jessica, I love your laughing pictures, you are adorable! And you got Ty to take pictures for you? Nice! Wine and board games sounds like an ultimate combo, and definitely a cozy one! I recently got some mint jeans that I'm excited to wear, thanks for the inspiration! Love the snake skin flats, such a classy way to add that trend!

    Didn't realize you were under the weather too! Get well!

    perfectly priya

  2. Loving these photos! And sounds like a wonderful anniversary date! 
    Almost Endearing

  3. Glad you are starting to feel better

  4. I love these mint jeans! They are the perfect shade for fall! The ones I have are too summery :( You look so great and happy! 

    go for the glam

  5. Gorgeous sweater! Can't go wrong with cashmere....
    Cheers to you for your Habitat For Humanity adeventure.


  6. So cute! I love this outfit. I dont think the mint jeans need to be put away for fall at ALL! :)

  7. Love how comfy it looks!
    Have a great weekend ;)

  8. Cute!! I love those jeans. That sounds like the perfect way to spend your anniversary!! 

    I'm glad you'e feeling better! That sounds like an awesome weekend! I hope you get some sleep in too :)

  9. I love your shoes!  I enjoy your photos.  You always look like you're having fun :)

  10. Mint jeans are on my must find list.  I have been seeing them in photos everywhere I look, just haven't had a chance to try some on yet.  I also am really liking those flats!  Very cute combination.

  11. Love your green skinnies! Especially how you rolled them up!

  12. That outfit looks so comfy & cozy... and I LOVE those jeans!

  13. You look so happy in these pics! I can see why this is a favorite outfit, cozy and comfy, while still stylish. You're a lucky girl for getting a J.Crew cashmere sweater for your birthday!! And Kate Spade gifts!! 


  14. Sounds like the best way to spend your anniversary :) Your favorites are so stylish together! I love those flats!


  15. That's so neat that you're helping build a Habitat for Humanity house!  I've always wanted to try that but never have a group to do it.  I love the sweater you're wearing too, it looks like one of those good basic pieces that are always fun to wear :)


  16. I love your mint jeans! And I hope Doug got in on the board games, too. No wine for doggies, though :P

  17. glad to hear you are starting to feel better. I just recently got over being sick myself. love the mint green jeans.

    xo erica

  18. I'm head over heels in love with your mint pants! You've convinced me - I need a pair in my life. 

  19. I love this outfit. The flats are adorable and I love the soft color of the skinny jeans.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out my latest outfit post! www.fashboulevard.blogspot.com

  20. Those mint jeans are too cute and I love those flats!  What a perfectly casual chic look!


  21. You look so cute and happy! I love those pants and flats together. Wine and board game nights are the best :) 

  22.  That sweater looks so comfy! I'd keep wearing your mint jeans for fall too, love them! Sometimes a night in can be a perfect night :)

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  23. i think i have a similar kate spade bracelet :D and i love this outfit - you look so happy in it. the mint jeans are just perfect with those flats. and happy anniversary - sounds fun!

    <3 katherine

  24. you are so cute!! glad you're feeling better and you had a great anniversary!!


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