Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Texas wedding weekend

Where does the time go?
We have many gauges of time...
birthdays, anniversaries (celebrating my 3rd one with the boy on 10/10/12), milestones (1 year of blogging this month), awards, graduations, wrinkles, holidays, accomplishments (completing a 30X30 challenge)... but even with all of those markers to keep pace, it seems that while the days go slowly by, the years have been extremely short (to say the least!?)

Well, I now have another gauge of time, celebrating the marriage of my dear college friends Nick & Michelle... of whom I have had the pleasure of celebrating 7 years of birthdays, holidays, accomplishments, and random reasons to gather together
The beautiful bride... I promise we didn't plan to dress alike. She had told me what she was wearing before I packed, and then without knowing what I was bringing, switched to this dress last minute! We share the same brain waves I swear!
The bride and her merry maids!
After a little travel delays, my cutie met me down in the heart of Texas
The ceremony was intimate, sweet, and so completely Nick & Michelle. Even the freak 40 ˚F temperatures that swept through the Fort Worth, TX area could not dampen the love that was alive in their ceremony and followingreception. I have never known another couple who spent all day (not to mention the last year comprising their engagement) getting ready, emotionally exhausted themselves with the most heartfelt letters to each other at the ceremony, danced and photoboothed it up at the reception, and then partied with us all at the afterparty until after 3:00am... these two know how to love, live, and throw an excellent party! 
Michelle and her mom did many of the decorations themselves, and they all turned out so beautiful and special. See some more of her inspiration { here }
Blush bridesmaids dresses
Michelle gave us these matching monogrammed button downs for getting ready during the big day... so cute!
Pretty to look at, and delish!
My best friend is so gorgeous - I can't tell you how many times I welled up with happiness during last weekend!
Centerpieces - the location was "Thistle Hill" and the colors (purple + green) were a refection of this beautiful historic home's name 
Last moments before her walking in with her father... all of us bridesmaids had fun making her laugh and embarrassing sharing stories
He cleans up nice!
Bridesmaids impromptu dance number to Thriller!

P.S. Speaking of time and 30X30 challenges, I will be embarking on another challenge during the month of November (30 days in November, 30 items, 30 outfits). I challenge you to join me too! More details in the days to come about how, what, when, where... or you can read about my Spring 2012 30X30 challenge { here }


  1. This is so sweet and cute! It looks like you guys had a great time! And congrats to the new happy couple!

  2. such a cute dress and looks like a great wedding!

    xo Meghan

  3. This is all so precious! Congrats to your friend! She made a gorgeous bride! And you are so gorgeous yourself! Love the blush dresses! So pretty. :) 

  4. What a gorgeous bride, congrats to your friend! You looked beautiful as well in your bridesmaid dress. And that first dress is super cute too!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. You look gorgeous in that dress! That is such a pretty bridesmaid dress. Congrats to your friend!

    The Tiny Heart 
    Jewelry Giveaway!

  6. Looks like so much fun :) I LOVE her dress, what a gorgeous wedding! Time certainly does fly! I am approaching my one year blog anniversary next month and it does not feel like it has already been that long! Congrats to you and your boy! I hope you enjoy celebrating 3 years tomorrow :) What a wonderful thing!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  7. Your bridesmaids dress is stunning! Looks like an amazing wedding.  We did get some crazy cold weather down here this past weekend in Texas!

  8. Such a beautiful ceremony & bride. You look gorgeous, as well.

    <3 Melissa

  9. I love weddings and it looks  like this was a fun one!


  10. That pink dress is stunning, love the sheer-ness at the top.

    Hope you can check out my latest post and giveaway!www.nellecreations.comNelle Creations on Facebook

  11. You are absolutely stunning! And what a wonderful wedding. :) Glad to see the Lonestar state has so much fun to offer! :)


  12. Sound like you had an awesome time. 

  13. wow so pretty!!! :) She did good on the bridesmaid dresses and her dress is gorgeous! 


  14. Oh my goodness, everything looks so beautiful! I am absolutely loving those flowers, that cake, and your dress (can I have one too??)! Absolutely gorgeous. And of course, I'm happy that you had a wonderful time in Texas. And yes, the temperatures were absurd but don't worry because we're back to normal today ;)

  15. What a gorgeous wedding!  I love your dress in the first pictures, that print is so pretty.


  16. looks like it was amazing wedding! you looked beautiful!



    Fashion Fractions


  17. Both dresses you wore for the weekend were gorgeous! I'm just starting to experience "grown up" milestones with my college friends...It's so fun!

    -AlyssaThe Glossy Life

  18. She was beautiful, you were beautiful and the weekend looked beautiful!! Yay for spending the weekend in Texas! And I NEED your dress in the first few photos. Is it recent?! Where is it from? And can I have it? Please!?! :)

  19. Looks a great time was had by all!  I absolutely loooooove your bridesmaid dress!  And I totally love that you guys are wearing a super similar dress but you styled them completely differently.  And both are FAB!  Great minds for sure!

  20. Thank you sweetheart! Texas treated me wonderfully... could have used about 20 more degrees in the temp department, but no worries! This dress is H&M from this past spring (I love it so much - has been my staple for wedding weekend activities with friends)... and the bride's is recent J.Crew

  21. Thank you! It was my first purchase from ASOS, and I loved it too!

  22. What a gorgeous wedding! I really love your paisley dress - it looks just perfect with the way you have it belted. And congratulations on your impending blog-iversary! 

  23. How fun! I love how she had different bridesmaid dresses but all similar colors. And her dress is beautiful!


  24. LOVIN the bold prints of the dresses. so flippin cute!


  25. What a gorgeous bride and wedding!! All the bridesmaids look bea-utiful too. Looks like an amazing time and how special that you could be there for your best friend! AGH I love everything about weddings and I can't wait to be a part of someone's who is very close to me!

    Also excited to see your 30x30...I have REALLY been wanting to do it too, I'm just worried because I'll be traveling and don't want to break it! We'll see.

    perfectly priya

  26. Beautiful photos!!! Congratulations to your gorgeous friend! Looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  27. You girls are so beautiful!! I love your printed dresses!


  28. I love the dress you wore to the rehearsal - so cute!! and looks like a fun wedding - she is beautiful!

  29. okay you seriously look GORGEOUS!! where is your rehearsal dinner dress from?!!?!?!? and those BM dresses. amazing!

  30. Thank you lady! I got it at H&M this Spring and it has been my go-to wedding season dress! xx


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