Monday, October 29, 2012

October budget: aka my shopping binge

Welcome to the new Here&Now! 
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I am SO happy with the beautiful work that Kelly of Fabulous K did on my site... her name says it all, she is FABULOUS!
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Ok, now onto the regular programming (I'll just be sitting here cheesing it up!)
Time for my monthly budgeting update... and this post needs a disclaimer:
Shopping seen here is not a regular practice, monthly results not expected to continue
I will be starting a self-imposed shopping ban for November to take on another 30X30 challenge, and I also want to take a break from major shopping until after the new year, to stretch myself, put a little more moo-lah into savings, and allow members of my family to actually have something to get me for Christmas (ha!). 

{ Parents/boyfriend stop reading now }
Everyone else, read on to see what my last big shopping binge got me this month

As the sale emails were rolling in at the end of September, and beginning of this month, I knew that there was going to be a LOT of temptation to buy buy buy, but also some great deals if I went about it with out getting sale FRENZY (known to happen to me)

So I gave myself a $500 sale shopping allowance, and set my sights on stocking up on some pieces in classic cuts (*cough* closet staples), but in some punchy colors that were lacking from my Fall wardrobe. (ok, maybe those J.Crew lounge pants aren't a closet staple, but I never want to take them off)

Below is a run-down of where I shopped, what I paid, and what the actual price would have been (documented in parentheses)

  Blythe Blouse $48.99 ($110.00)//  leopard calf hair skinny belt $34.65 ($65.00) // crinkle city mini $34.99 ($79.50) // Saturday pant $34.65 ($65.00) // Wind jacket $24.49 ($98.00)
Total $177.77 ($417.50) <-- makes this deal loving girl PROUD!

Factory crew-neck sweater $37.12 ($49.50) // Factory pencil skirt $37.12 ($89.50) // Factory cropped wool trousers $48.38 ($89.50)
Total $122.62 ($228.50)

  Dot Sweater $31.46 ($44.95) //  Broken-in khakis $34.97 ($49.95) // RockStar skinny jeans $19.00 ($34.94) // Black ballet flats $13.96 ($19.94) // Python ballet flats $13.96 ($19.94)
Total $113.35 ($169.72)
  Mona loafers $48.95 ($78.95)

So can I get a drumroll please!?
Total retail value of my October purchases $894.67
AND... amount actually spent: $462.69 
That my friends represents a savings of ~50%!

Ok, so now I'm done, no more shopping for a month, and then I am going to get this little habit of mine under control (the boy laughed at me when I said shopping was my hobby... but you would say it is too, right?)

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P.P. S. Today I am linking up with Franishh for her Budgeting Bloggers series... check out more savvy style { here }


  1. your new site looks amazing! I totally love it...

    And way to save some major $$$ - love your choices too!

  2. Wow, your new layout looks fantastic!! I love it!

    Cute finds, and what great deals!! I am impressed with your shopping!

  3. Love the new look! You got some amazing things and saved a lot of money doing it! You are definitely a shopping pro!

  4. I took a look at your last 30x30 challenge and I love what you did. I am thinking about taking it on myself...

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Looks amazing! :) I am also in the process of a redesign... hopefully in the next couple weeks!!!!! Love your picks for October!

  6. Sometimes...you have to spend to save! I just jumped on the J Crew Factory sale train myself, and am super proud that everything I got I LOVE. My biggest sale problem is that I buy for deals, instead of items, but it looks like everything you picked up is classic enough to keep, and unique enough to love.

    Best of luck with both your shopping hiatus and 30x30!


  7. i need to do that too - not spend money on clothes in november!! :)

  8. okay first, your new design is AMAZING!! love love love love love it!!! also you got some GREAT deals this month, girl!! yay!

  9. new follower! Your doug is what I imagine my Elvis will look like in a year (he's just five months)! But totally cute pup, I just love my pug to death!!!

  10. These are all so cute!! Love them!

  11. OMG!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design!! It is PERFECT!!!

  12. I thought shopping was a hobby. ; )


  13. I LOVE your new design! Kelly always does amazing work. Her work + your style = perfect.

    I really like your budget post this month. I was kind of kicking myself, since I went WAY over my normal spending, but like you I kind of budgeted for all of the October sales knowing that I'll spend very little on myself in November and December with gift buying.

  14. you got a lot of stuff for 500.00. Also love your new layout

  15. Thanks for linking up girl! Like everyone else said, I love your new site. It's simple and clean and I love it. I'm in the process of getting a new header and I can.not.wait to get it.

    You got so many versatile pieces this month that will last you literally for years. Can't wait to see how you style them all!

  16. Love the new look! And yes, you scored some amazing deals! Fab!

  17. Ooh looks like you found some awesome bargains! That's my kind of hobby! ;) I also had a bit of a blow-out month and am considering a shopping ban for November too. I'm so terrible at sticking to them though, because I can't resist a sale. Eeek! :)

    Life etc


  18. Found you through the Budgeting Bloggers post - I have to agree, shopping is definitely my hobby too, so don't feel bad!

  19. Aw, pug puppies are the best! Well, really I am just obsessed with pugs in general! I am headed over to your site to see your Elvis now!

  20. yay! I fellow shopping hobbyist!

  21. Lauren, I am so glad to know that I wasn't the only one tempted by the sales this month! Here's to the next couple of lean months

  22. Thank you lady! I love your budgeting bloggers post, and enjoy linking up every month!

  23. Elissa, I am so happy you found my site! Shopping really is my favorite way to spend money, the only way I do besides basic bills, so I glad you agree too!

  24. GOOD JOB GIRL! You made some fabulous choices!! Good luck keeping yourself on your shopping ban, its SO hard.


  25. Looks like you got some great deals! I also went overboard in October and decided to implement a shopping ban in November. Time to save up for Christmas presents!


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