Thursday, May 16, 2013

truth serum

{ What I Wore: J.Crew polka dot blouse // ModCloth mint jeans // Cole Haan tennis shoes (similar) }
I think one of the blog questions I get asked most frequently is, "So, do you actually wear that?"
And the answer is YES!
I would say 80% of my "what I wore" posts feature outfits I have worn either the day that I took pictures, or "re-enacted" a few days later (due to weather conditions, time crunches, a bad hair day, etc.). 

The other 20% of outfits are things that I AM going to wear in the near future (i.e. I take outfit photos on the weekends & then have my outfits planned for the next 5 days) or outfits that I photograph & then keep in my pocket as potential future looks.

I don't make up outfits in my room & run to the alley to photograph them.
This is me, trying to figure out my personal style, pulling back the curtains to let you have a peek in on the behind-the-scene-action as I go.

Not all outfits make it to the spotlight on the blog. 
And you can actually see many of my #ootd on Instagram
(including this outfit from last week!)

What are your favorite flavor of outfits featured on this corner of the Internet?

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  1. I love this dotted top- it's so pretty and practical!

  2. What a cute and casual look–I love how your outfit posts are always things that feel genuine to you and what your style is!

  3. I'm loving this... I need to find a nice polka dot top to pair with my mint jeans!

  4. love this post and i do the same with outfits! always wear them out and around. i don't own unrealistic items in my closet. love the polka dot top!

    kw ladies in navy

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  5. This outfit gets a huge YES!! And I totally agree..it's important to show outfits we actually wear..and you do a great job on that!


  6. Love this simple yet super cute outfit! Adorable as per usual.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Love this easy breezy look and the fact that you're honest about your photos-- alot of fashion/lifestyle blogs are not :)

    I would love for you to come and link up to That's Fresh Friday and share!

  8. I really like this outfit. It's really simple but everything just goes together so well!

  9. I love the top - I have the grey dot version. I take my pictures every morning and so I have a ton of photos in drafts since I don't post daily. I kind of started taking pictures (before blogging) to see how long I can mix my clothes without repeating an outfit. Love your outfit!


  10. Love the casual simplicity of this look!


  11. This outfit is amazing!! I love the green jeans - that's such a unique, cool color! And polka dots are the perfect match for them. So cute!


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