Wednesday, May 29, 2013

awkwardly awesome

{ What I Wore: J.Crew polka dot button down // Purse c/o YesWalker // Arden B. leatherette shorts // ShoeDazzle "Danee" sandals // UO attitude glasses // Boutique Onze "Leo" necklace }
{ Get the Look }
polka dot blouse {$69.50 // $19.80} + crossbody bag {$28.00} + leather shorts {$17.80} + sandals {"Danee" $27.97} + glasses {$14.00} + zodiac necklace {$30.00}
I know Awkward & Awesome is historically a Thursday event, but with the popularity of Throwback Thursday, #tbt for those in the know, I think A&A needs a new date!
So let's talk some A&A today!
- Having a sunburn & an obvious white "W" on my back... guess that is one spot that I could reach...?

- Getting caught taking outfit photos by a police officer & told to leave... I so did not want to have to explain what I was doing! Guess my secret spot isn't so secret anymore!

- I tried out the Sally Hansen at home gel mani kit, but after 2 days, one of those being completely spent in the lake, all 10 peeled off... whomp whomp (I do think I am going to try it again now that I'm not going to be fully aquatic for a while!)

- The AC in our townhouse is currently broken... sweaty hot mess is the new comfortably air conditioned. Go ahead, ask the pugs how much fun we are having... 

- My bestie was in town this weekend & we ate, drank, boated, & tried on Wedding Dresses!!!! This whole "I'm getting married" thing just got real, in a super awesome way!

- Um, Memorial Day... it. was. legit. (Tuesday back at work, not so much!)

- The boyfriend fiancé (<-- I need to get better about that!) just brought me a glass of the beer he personally made for me... YUM!

- These new ShoeDazzle sandals (the "Danee")! When I first got them they were a half-size too big, but these perfectly fitting babies just arrived at my doorstep & they ain't ever leaving my feets!
Other things that are awesome!? Giveaways!
I'm hosing a fab necklace giveaway from Cat & Bot {here}
I'm also a part of the glorious Living in Yellow Group Giveaway {here}

What has been awkward & awesome in your life friends??


  1. Man that suck about the AC. I hope it can get fixed soon for you and the dogs

  2. Those shoes are too cute! And I love love love that polka dot top...awesome outfit lady :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  3. First off...ADORABLE outfit. You know how to rock an outfit, that's for sure. I've definitely been asked by a cop what I was doing. So awkward!! dancingwithashley.blogspot.com

  4. You forgot something on your awesome list. You in this absolutely adorable outfit! Love those shoes too.

    I've always had a fear that a cop would come by and ask what we're doing... uhhh awkward!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Love the combination of the leather shorts and the tie front shirt! Hope your air conditioning gets fixed soon. Trust me, I know first hand how horrible that can be!

  6. You look so great! I'm LOVING those shorts–and eek, sorry about your AC being broken!

  7. Your polka dot top is adorable! That wedding dress you tried on is stunning on you!

    The Tiny Heart

    Bracelet Giveaway!

  8. Love the polka dots...very cute! I also love your necklace. I'm a Leo too! :-)


  9. What a funny story that a cop asked you to vacate your photo locale - doesn't he know you are doing some important things there?! :) You look absolutely awesome!


  10. I don't have AC in my house. Pity me, Jessica! haha but seriously you look great here! Hilarious that you got caught taking outfit photos!

  11. You don't have AC... Like ever!? Oh my goodness! You strong woman!!

  12. haha nope, good old country living! My mother doesn't like it :\

  13. I am loving your hair lately! and such a cute outfit!!


  14. I love those sandals! Super cute:)


  15. Dude, when I got salon gel manis they did not bode well in water. I always found myself in the corner of the pool picking at the edges isntead of socializing (okay, this was usually after too many beers). Also, think I might get those shoes.

  16. Your future hubby made a beer for you?! how fab!! Sorry about your a/c, hope it gets fixed soon. And are those shoes comfy? They look super cute!


  17. Yep, he has been brewing for almost two years now, a hobby I can definitely get behind! Our sweet landlord is bringing us a window unit as I type this (hallelujah!) & yes these shoes are super comfy. Just enough of a tiny wedge to give my legs a lift, but I wore them allllll day the day they arrived on my front step & had no complaints! xx

  18. If one tiny corner comes up on my mani, I start attacking it & they rest fall quickly! I was in the water 10a-5p so I don't think I can review the "regular" wear & tear of these yet ;) And yes these shoes are the bomb.com , might have also just snagged a pair of tiny wedge sandals in nude from Tarjay too... Whoops! xx

  19. Love this outfit! Seriously stylin':)


  20. I love that outfit and that bag!! I ordered some shoedazzle heels and can't wait to get them in!

  21. Yay! I love all of mine so far! So many fun choices... that is the hardest part! xx

  22. Oh my gosh, those leather shorts! The combo of the shorts and the shoes give off a kind of rocker vibe! Super trendy and daring - I like it! www.StingyStyle.net


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