Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Floor Outfits

{ What I Wore: Urban Outfitters blazer // J.Crew Factory tank // Citizens of Humanity jeans // bag c/o Yes Walker // Nine West Pumps }
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blazer {$59} + tank {$49.50} + flare jeans {$27.99} + bag {$28} + pumps {$29.99}
Sometimes the outfits that I get so much credit for here on the internets, are totally stolen... from the floor
When I get home from work I take the time to place my clothes neatly in the closet in a wad on the floor.
So when I am running low on inspiration/time, I let the floor piles speak to me. 
Sometimes Monday's shirt is crinkled up next to Wednesday's skirt & that becomes Saturday's outfit... really the best method.
In this case, Friday's science conference ensemble got deconstructed into Sunday's errand running look... 
When you've got good wardrobe bones in your closet (& wads on your floor) getting dressed & remixing can be a breeze!
{ What I Wore: Target hat + wedges // necklace c/o Hello Fab // crossbody bag c/o Yes Walker }
{Get the Look}
hat {$14.99} + racerback tank {$49.50} + trouser jeans {$74.99} + bag {$28} + wedges {$24.99} + necklace {$23.99}
This hat covered my hair from the rain that is ruining my life, while the purse made it look like I had it all together!

Have you ever gotten dressed off the floor?
What has been your latest floor inspiration?


  1. Even though I'm pretty messy, my clothes are the one thing I take care to put back in place. I'm actually surprised you're not the same way! How is it that you don't look like a wrinkly mess?! I'm impressed. Love those jeans on you too.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  2. Haha I find my outfits on the floor a lot of the time too :) I love both of these looks! The one with the blazer might be my fave so far! And I love your bag!

  3. I am loving this look! I often pick up outfits off of the floor too! I have seriously had enough of the rain as well! It is making me stir crazy here in Georgia and they are calling for it again this weekend. You are looking super cute lady!! and that hat! Going to find it now!

  4. I actually "discovered" a new outfit while doing laundry. Everything was piled together and new combination caught my eye!

    Fizz and Frosting

  5. I am slightly obsessed with those jeans. So perfect dressed up or down!

  6. haha this is so true! My things get so wrinkeld from just throwing them anywhere- it's a bad habit!

  7. Yes floor dressing is awesome! Inspiration also comes to me during laundry time when I am hanging clothes next to each other and see prints/colors that I would not have put together! Love both outfits and these jeans looks great on you!


  8. You look great in those jeans and I love that hat!

  9. Loving those flares on you! PRetty impressive outfit from the floor if I do say so myself ;)


  10. You look so cute in the fedora! Anything I throw on the floor is usually automatically covered in dog hair ha, so I try not to do that :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  11. I LOVE THOSE JEANS. They are so cuuuuute. Where did you find them? The ones you linked to aren't as wide leggy. You look chic as always, I totally use that method sometimes too (when I can see my laundry..my cat likes to pretend my clothes piles are a bed).



    Currently Coveting

  12. Really loving wide-leg jeans right now! Kind of a nice transition from all the skinnies! You look great, lady!

  13. I totally love both of these looks. You look like you're 6 feet tall. Then again…everyone looks that way to me. Sadly, most of the clothes in a pile on the floor are clothes I have YET to wear and got edited out of a previous outfit.

  14. I LOVE those jeans. With so many skinny jeans out there, it's fun to see a good wide leg/bell bottom. They look awesome on you! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  15. that bag is really really nice :) I have a really bad habit of putting my clothes on the floor, Im just too lazy to put them away once I bring them to my room.
    Jessica xx

  16. OK, that bag is totally adorable, and so are you! Love these outfits, and especially that black silk tank :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  17. Hahaha this literally happened to me today and yesterday - the pile of clothes at the end of my bed is providing endless inspiration! :)


  18. Gotta love it when the floor does the work for you! Love the print on your hat!


    Jeans and a Teacup

  19. I am guilty, after wear my clothes are on the floor too. I like this look and how a blazer totally transform the same outfit.




  20. Love those jeans girl!! I am the same way with picking outfits sometimes. I just find whatever I threw in my "pile of nothing to wear" lol Great outfits!



  21. Haha, I love your theory! And I really want that tank, it looks amazing on you.


  22. Cute post! A good reason for me not to clean my room daily! - J

  23. Love the "pop" of color with the necklace. Classic, simple look. Love it!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  24. oh my gawd, i don't care how you came up with this outfit, i love it! those jeans look ah-mazing on you! pinning now...

  25. You have such beautiful hair! Love the new outfit and those cute wedges!


  26. Such a classic and versatile look on you! Go figure- floor dressing works fabulously!!

  27. These, like all my Citizens, are relics from when I worked at a boutique (& got 40% off) in college... those were the days! This style is the "Liberty" high waisted bell bottom... you might be able to find them on eBay :) xx

  28. Darling, Jessica! I LOVE that you're rocking the wide legged jeans - you look incredibly chic and classy and gorgeous. [This is a big deal because I hate the word chic and I used it - because you LOOK it!]


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