Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Year Budget: May

For 2013 I am budgeting my clothing allowance based on the entire year. Sound crazy? Read more about it {here}
From Top: Chicnova skirt // ShoeDazzle "Adore" heels // J.Crew baseball sweater // J.Crew polka dot button down // Yes Walker purse // ShoeDazzle "Danee" sandals // BaubleBar opal earrings

This month I said I was going to shop less... remember that bold face lie from last month's budget roundup?

Something along the lines of, & I quote: 
"I know that I am going to have to think extra hard about any unnecessary spending going forward"

Well I DID think long & hard about all my spending this month, but I wouldn't deem all of my purchases "necessary"... 
However, I do love them & believe that I am building the curated closet of my dreams.

This month I picked up the "Going to the Chapel Skirt" from Shabby Apple ($78.00), a Yes Walker purse (currently sold out, worn here), this hot pink Chicnova floral lace skirt (worn here, go up 1 size if you don’t want it to be painted on), a personalized Lisa Leonard Key Necklace & two Old Navy tees on clearance (this & this, each were $6!).

I shopped the J.Crew sale for a polka dot button down (worn here) & linen baseball sweater  (worn here) (J.Crew retail $193 - sale = $97.49!!), & visited my friend's closet sale, scoring a J.Crew Factory dress for only $5 (worn here).

I also finally used some credits from my favorite shops. Picking up these BaubleBar Opal Earrings (worn here, $16), & ShoeDazzle “Adore” heels ($35.95 – 30% = $25.17) & “Danee” wedges (worn here, $29.90 - VIP credits = $6.05; I recommend going down a ½ size)

So the retail damage was $374.90, but I took it all home for $234.71 (That's like a 40% off discount!!)

So how am I doing this year??

Year total budget $3,000
-January  $149.94
-February $241.71
-March $245.50
-April $187.37
-May $234.71
Remaining = $1,940.77

How did your May budget turn out??
Fill any closet holes??

P.S. I am linking up with my monthy shopaholics anonymous meeting hosted by Franish {here}


  1. I'd say you did a good job! I've had my eye on that JCrew sweater, it looks so comfy! Looks like you are actually a little ahead of schedule with your spending, congrats!

    I need to work on less impulse buying and more curated closet buying. Thanks for those posts.


  2. Every month I say "I love that Jessica's doing this, I need to do this!" and then I spend too much money. Maybe June is my month? Loving that pink skirt!

    Xo Jessica

    My Style Vita

  3. I need a budget!!! I am just bad about spending when I feel like it and sometimes that gets me in trouble and sometimes I spend nothing at all! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. ohhh I really love that baseball sweater!! xo


  5. You got some awesome stuff! I really love that skirt.

  6. love that lace skirt! and it's so good that you're budgeting...i need to be better about it but i have been using mint which is helpful!

  7. That hot pink skirt is soo cute, definitely a great buy!

    The Tiny Heart

  8. That skirt is so gorgeous! I can definitely see why you went for it. You did a great job with sales this month!

  9. NICE! What an adorable skirt and I LOVE those BaubleBar earrings :)

  10. These are great purchases! I have started doing a monthly purchases post every month and this month I was just under $300 for lots of new additions! I've been a bit more shopping crazy since starting my blog but making posts about it makes me be more accountable for what I'm buying and I think it helps a lot! My May purchases thread goes up on the first :)

    Exploring My Style

  11. Looks like all very versatile pieces, money well spent!

  12. So.much.pretty! That skirt is absolutely adorable! Great finds this month lady!

  13. I love the baseball sweater and polka dot blouse! So, so, so cute - I want them in my own closet!!!! I can't wait to see all the ways you wear them! :)


  14. I think you did great! You have a few classic pieces (that beautiful sweater and bag), a few pieces you'll wear all the time (like that polka dot top - I love mine!) and some great summer essentials (that skirt and those shoes!). plus those earrings: super cute!

  15. Love all of the items you picked up - especially that baseball sweater. I've been going back and forth, trying to decide which color. But I think you might just have swayed me towards this combo!

  16. i bought that jcrew polka dot shirt too...thanks for reminding me to wear it! lol



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