Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shopping FOMO

Well what do you know...
We are exactly 1 week into May & I have already spend all of my "budgeted" money for the month... when I said that I was going to go light on the shopping this month!
I'm the worst!
And you know where that leaves me? 
Wanting anything & everything, mostly totally over-the-top impractical items... oh, of course!

1. A mini lucite purse, my phone might fit in there... GET IT!
2 . A floral blazer that could be remixed a total of 2 times... ON IT!
3. Neon dress with cut-outs... DEFINITE wardrobe staple!
4. Studded & Patterned Gladiator heels... a "NEED" in someone's book!
5. Melon statement necklace... I MEAN, if I am going to justify anything, this would be it!
6. A bag that actually says what I am feeling... TOP of the wish list!

Are you the same way with shopping FOMO like me?

#BuyAllTheThings !!!
But seriously, this is therapy for me. 
Sharing my bad thoughts here (& on Pinterest) actually helps me not shop!

So you ladies get to shopping & show me your spoils on Instagram so I can live vicariously!


  1. Can I just tell you....not shopping is so much harder done than said. It seems like a no brainer to just not buy stuff...but it is difficult indeed. My husband hardly shops so he doesn't understand the need for another article of clothing...pair of flat sandals/tunic/skinny jeans/sun dress/ etc....

    My mother in law is coming into town soon and she loves to shop...so I think I am taking a 6 month hiatus from shopping after her visit. It will be hard - but I need to at least try.

  2. Ahhh I feel your pain! 1 week in and I've spent 3/4 of my budget! Terrible. #buyallthethings :)


  3. #3 is so hot! I'm broke, so it's easy for me to not have FOMO in terms of shopping :P

  4. that yellow dress is SO awesome. i totally know what you mean about the budget. i need to set one and stick to it. i'm currently putting myself on a shopping ban!

    kw ladies in navy

  5. That Kate Spade bag is adorable...I love all the bags with the cheeky sayings!

    The Tiny Heart
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  6. Of course that Kate Spade straw tote is $250! :S grr
    Pam I totally agree with you about how not shopping is so much harder than it looks! I am saving for some upcoming travels though so it helps to have that voice in the back of my mind whenever I come across a fabulous pair of heels or (like yesterday!) adorable scalloped shorts that I just don't need. Stay strong Jessica! :)

  7. LOVE this post- I TOTALLY feel you on the FOMO and living in New York I swear it's the WORST. Great picks. I'm not going to lie- I'm going to go to Zara after work due to this post. xx

  8. I love that Zara blazer! I can't stick to a shopping budget to save my life. Example #1: I bought a pair of heeled sandals from Zara from my phone while I was laying in bed last night after seeing them on two different bloggers. Ridiculous! :)

    Style Diary

  9. I love that tote & blazer! Need both :)

    xo Georgina at: http://notesonlifestylebygeorgina.com

  10. Haha, last month was this way for me actually. LIKE EVERYTHING right at the beginning of the month! I am doing well so far, but hey it happens. Shopping, unfortunately, can be very therapeutic! I LOVE those heels, blazer and necklace! And hey a cut out dress is fun :)

  11. Shopping FOMO is definitely a real thing...it's a struggle. I adore the J.Crew necklace + Kate Spade tote.. so fun for summer. I've been eyeing lucite clutches and the blue one is SOOO fun!

  12. Not shopping is SO hard!! I'm with you, girlfriend. And you're so right..when you try not to shop, everything is way too cute. Ahhhh!!!


  13. I want everything from this list! its such a good one :)
    Jessica xx

  14. Hahaha I am totally the same way! Love the blazer!

  15. Oh my gosh, those heels!! I totally have a shopping problem, my workplace is surrounded by stores so I can't help it!

    Kristina does the Internets

  16. I love the cutout dress, the shoes, and that adorable Kate Spade bag!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. The melon necklace...the cut-out dress?! I'm in love!!!! (And don't worry- my budget in April was totally spoken for less than half way in...it was tough but really made me conscious of what I was spending!)

  18. I have always loved clothes shopping but since starting my blog I have been wanting everything! Since the end of March, I've bought 24 new things, granted 2 of them were returned and a necklace came with a pair of earrings but I've been a bit too purchase-happy lately. Except for a top I bought on the 1st, I'm trying to not buy anything for the entire month of May. I've been fine so far but I also haven't tempted myself by shopping online or in store. Just have to stay away for a while and use what I have.


  19. been thinking about that zara clutch too...

    thanks again for your lovely comment on my post.x

  20. haha. If I'm going by my "budget" I've spent 75% of mine already. BUT, if I'm going by my new rule of my budget is still $200 and larger purchases don't count, then I've only spent $16. Seeing as how it's the 8th...I think I'll go with the latter (I FEEL YOU!)


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