Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pay less, expect (a lot!) more

While last minute shopping with Sissy and my sisters over the Christmas Holidays, we popped into Payless at my hometown mall to look at shoes for my growing-like-a-weed 13-year-old younger sister.  Payless has always been just that to me - a place to buy short-term shoes. I had never really thought of the store as a place to purchase timeless, long-lasting shoes. But after my most recent visit, my perception has been completely turned around. 
I'll take these classic wedges in every color, please!

A couple of trendy options that had me drooling!

Although I practiced my generally weak-when-it-comes-to-shoes willpower and did not come home with any new shoes on that visit to the brick & mortar Payless store, I did go home and troll their website (which is also pretty awesome!) I found more great, classic choices, and at even better prices!
Check out these 10 pairs below, which I think represent shoes that should be in every woman's closet: 


Not only does their website boast this selection of beautiful and timeless shoes, but they also have lots of fun, trendy, and unique options. AND they have collaboration shoes with top designers such as Lela Rose and Project Runway winner Christian Siriano!
Payless is at the top of my list for purchasing a couple of shoes that are missing from my "classics" list, and I will also be browsing to find some fun trendy shoes for the upcoming spring season!

Have you found anything at Payless that caught your eye?
What are some other brands that you have re-though in recent days?
Happy shopping 

P.S. Last night Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper) replied to one of my tweets! (it was probably an intern) But I am still over the MOON! 
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  1. Wow, I've always thought of payless the same way as you but I definitely need to rethink that after seeing some of these adorable shoes!

  2. Amazing options, I haven't been there in a while but I'm thinking I should pop my head in!  Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Hello really nice shoes! go to my blog I also open the facebook page! kisses ww.fairyandlady.blogspot.com

  4. I love the shoes collections at payless! They have some really cute stuff.


  5. What a cool post! Looks like I'm gonna have to visit Payless soon ;-)


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