Wednesday, March 27, 2013

gray matter

{ What I Wore: Old Navy blanket sweater // Windsor liquid leggings // Steve Madden boots // Everlane tank //  Seams to be hat // Clinique Raspberry Glace lipstick (from free gift!) }
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wrap sweater {$19.97}+ liquid leggings {$19.90, exact} + tall boots {$89.99} + gray tank {$15) + knit hat {$28) + lippy {$15, exact}
Well, I pulled out my sundresses, started planning garden parties & rocked bare legs in hopes that Spring had officially sprung.
Boy was I wrong! Yesterday I woke up to snow on the ground (ok, not like your Northeastern snow) - sweaters, hats & boots are back out from the depths of my closet!
I might just live in this sweater that I call my blanket with arm holes in protest! 
(that first picture is my best WTF Spring face!)
So, returns the gray clothes that make up my Winter wear.
People sometimes ask my why I wear so much gray & it isn't an accident!
White stains too easily & black shows pug hair, but gray goes with black, navy & brown.
So yea, gray is my neutral of choice (you should see my t-shirt drawer!)

What is your neutral of choice?
Is Spring teasing you too? Let's all do our best Spring dance!!

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  1. great sweater -- it looks so warm and cozy! xo


  2. You look so cozy! I love that sweater, and I'm actually jealous that you can still wear a beanie :) They're my favorite!

  3. Haha I love your sassy "I can't believe it's so cold" face in the first picture! I think my face is stuck like that.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  4. That hat looks adorable on you! I am still wearing my winter clothes also. And I know what you mean about the dog hair...gotta match the outfits to the color of the dogs! :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  5. Grey is definitely my favorite too. We still have snow on the ground, although it's melting, and it is upsetting me!

  6. You look comfy yet incredibly chic. Love the gray sweater! So gorgeous my friend!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. You look so adorable and comfy, I love this whole look. Those black leather leggings are perfection!

  8. this is adorable girl. love the boots big time. and i hear ya. spring - you're super annoying right now. just come. love the blog girl- following!


  9. That sweater looks so cozy! long blanket/sweaters have become such a staple in my closet this winter and although I love feeling like I'm snuggled in bed all day, I'm really ready to put them away for some short-sleeves!

    With Luck Blog

  10. I bought those same Windsor liquid leggings a few months ago in burgundy and they are some of the best fitting ones I've ever worn! Love your look!

  11. Springhas teased us too here in Texas! Luckily weather here can turn a 360 and it will be spring weather again by Easter! Love your cozy outfit! Wishing you warmer weather!

    Gloss and Threads

  12. loving that cardigan!

    kw ladies in navy

  13. I am loving that sweater! So cute.



  14. You are better than me. When winter seems to rear it's ugly head again I choose to freeze in my open toed shoes and bare legs :) This is adorable and so cozy looking, though!

    xo, Nina

  15. Love this outfit! Can't wait until I can wear a version of this! Yep greys and denim are my neutral go-to pieces :)


  16. Lol, I have a lot of grey in my closet too! Softer than black, but still dark. A winter fav! And that sweater does look like a cozy blanket with sleeves, but way cuter than a Snuggie!


  17. i have that sweater in a different color from last year, thanks for reminding me haha love how you styled it :)
    brooke @ what2wear, monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  18. wtf spring is right! can't wait for wamer weather. and oh girl i hear ya on the pug hair thing. ugh!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  19. You look adorable girl. Loving the gray on you! Sorry you have to brave the cold weather still. You'll make it out of it eventually!

  20. I seriously LOVE this outfit. I'd never think to pair a thick sweater with the liquid leggings, but it totally works! You look great.

  21. You look so adorable in this outfit!!! These liquid leggings give your outfit such an edgy vibe!!


  22. HA love the WTF Spring face, definitely feeling that over on this side of Nashville as well! I was ready to unpack from Spring Break into my closet, but that is so not happening. Brilliant logic about gray! Love your sweater too, looking sooo cozy!

    perfectly priya

  23. I can't believe it snowed there this late in the year! I absolutely love this combo - my mom gave me a really similar wrap sweater and I couldn't figure out what to do with it for the life of me, but you've nailed it. And yes - that pug hair is a real pain sometimes! I have little lint rollers stashed everywhere. ;)

  24. I'm a total black & white kinda girl when it comes to neutrals. Your outfit looks so stylish and comfy at the same time! I have a similar styled sweater that I just love: http://the-style-files.com/2013/02/15/friday-faves-feb-15th/

  25. I love most neutrals, and my closet is primarily composed of camel, black, gray, and navy. They're so versatile and can mix and match 'til the cows come home :)

    I love your leathery leggings with that blanket sweater (I WANNA CURL UP IN IT!), and those boots are beyond sassy.


  26. Just pinned this outfit! :-) It's perfect for our cold & snowy Utah winter days! I'm sad too that it's a winter outfit in the Spring! But you look super cute anyway.

    I'm SO with you on gray as the perfect neutral. The best part about it is that there are SO many shades of gray! I have a bunch of gray tee's but they all look a little different (light gray, dark gray, medium, etc). All my white & black tees look identical!


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