Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Shopping: "THE Bag"

Well, I can finally say that I am happy that I did not get "The" bag that has been making the blog rounds lately. Of course, a quality leather tote is totally a wardrobe staple, but I found an option that beats the pants off that Madewell one... cheaper & from an super awesome company.
Meet my new obsession: Nisolo's Lori leather tote 
(& her sassy sister JoAnne)

First off, What is Nisolo?
Nisolo is a socially conscious company co-founded by one of my high school friends & based right here in Nashville. This amazing company supports the beautiful work of Peruvian leather artisans (meet them here) & brings quality goods (shoes, belts, accessories) to your doorstep.
Think globally, support locally delicious goodness!

Next, holy cow these bags are gorgeous!
Now the most difficult decision: Should I go with the classic all leather Lori or spring for a cheerful fabric lined JoAnne.
Which would you choose?


  1. while I'm sad we won't be purse twins, those purses are a great alternative! I personally like the one with the fabric inside - it's a little hidden punch of color! Great price too (even though I got lucky and got mine for the same price during a bag sale haha). Can't wait to see which one you choose and how much #scoutthepug likes sitting in it :D

  2. Love the Joanne one :) with the pink lining!!!

    XO Samantha

  3. lily @ fifthfreedomfashionMarch 10, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    Yes! I literally just had a conversation today about "The Bag," and I was close to giving up hope. So glad you posted this!

  4. Such gorgeous bags - I love the bright fabric linings!!

  5. The bag is almost identical!! To be perfectly honest, I'm a little disappointed that the price difference is only $30...I thought it was going to be a huge difference when you first mentioned you found an alternative. However, I LOVE that you are supporting a local designer/shop! I would go with the JoAnne if you want more fun/personality...go with the Lori if you want an identical bag to the Madewell one. Can't wait to see which one you pick!


  6. I agree, the price difference isn't that much. I had originally found someone making leather totes on Etsy and was going to commission a bag similar to the Madewell one, but was overjoyed to be able to support impoverished artisans in Peru through supporting Nisolo - I think the price reflects the amazing work they are doing in under-developed areas! xx

  7. I've been drooling over that bag too! I'm loving the colored liners...so pretty :) And your Old Navy and Target instagrams had me drooling this weekend :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  8. You're a good person...so fashionable AND helping the world! :-)

  9. The Dori sandals they have are AMAZING! I have been looking for a good pair of brown leather sandals that were less than $100.00 for a while and these totally fit the bill. Thanks for sharing such an awesome company!


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