Tuesday, March 5, 2013

secret talents...

I was so excited to be asked by Green Giant to share my secret/surprise talents.
But then I realized I don't actually have ANY secret talents!! HELP!

Current front runners:
- skilled pug photographer (I have 100's of pictures on my iPhone at all times of my "kids")
- master plate cleaner (thanks parents for that guilt trip!)
- winning blog giveaways (I have been on a rolllll lately!)
- supreme sleeper (I always say that I don't need a lot of sleep, but could literally sleep 22 hours a day given the chance, oh to be a pug)
- um, shopping.... can that be a talent??
 - I can wiggle my ears (SURPRISE!)
- organizing wizard (this one might truly be a real talent, cleaning/organizing/de-cluttering is my second favorite hobby, after shopping le duh)
Do you follow me on Instagram? Showcasing surprise talents daily!
Well, I might not have figured out my surprise talent yet, but Green Giant does has a Giant surprise for you - they now make veggie snack chips & I. am. obsessed. 
Confession: I don't like chips. 
Well, I didn't like chips - these veggie chips are great tasting, a healthy snack choice & totally changed my mind about chips. Like for real, for real!
I seriously took the sweet potato chips to work & tried to push them on all my co-workers #ChipPusher.

Wait, are you still caught up on "healthy snack" chips?
Yuuup, we are talking yummy sea salt + sweet potato chips made with real sweet potatoes, 14 grams of whole grain & less fat than regular potato chips (40 percent less fat than regular potato chips, ringing in at 10g per 28g serving)!
These lasted less than one day in our house! The pugs & le boyfriend attacked the "zesty cheddar" bag & I claimed "sea salt" sweet potato for myself! Back off pugs!
Do you have a surprise talent? 
You can share it on the Green Giant Facebook page (& check out the other amazing secret talents they have unearthed on their YouTube channel too!)
Thank you for supporting the companies that support Here&Now. I only tell you about companies/products I truly believe in & these chips are legit!
Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent at www.facebook.com/greengiant


  1. You are for sure an excellent pug photographer, I can't get enough! And duh, shopping is totally a talent! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I vote for excellent pug photographer, too! Your duo is the sweetest :)

  3. I saw those chips at the store and i'm dying to try them!

  4. What are some of the blog giveaways you've been winning?

  5. In the past month I won a Maddy Nash clutch from M.A.S. Fashion's blog (wore it in last Friday's post), and a necklace from the Etsy Seller Little Glamour via a giveaway on Doctor's Closet. I enter a lot of giveaways, so maybe my odds aren't good, but I keep at it!

  6. haha shopping :D then we re all talented:D


  7. I love see picture of your puppy on IG.

  8. haha how funny! I always say my secret talents are finding things on the Internet (seriously, it's scary how well I can do it!) and guessing what song will be on the radio!

  9. I know one! Your secret talent is killing me with awesome J.Crew finds... BUT! Today I was lucky and I actually placed an order. I'm sooooo exciteeeeed!

  10. These look delish!! We are always on the hunt for better for you chips! Organizing is definitely a talent!

  11. I definitely vote for skilled pug photographer...those instagram pics are my fave :) And those chips sound AWESOME...I wish I had some right now!


    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Definitely pug photographer and shopping. Both talents, duh. = )

  13. i always say i'm my pugs' personal papparazzi - love taking zillions of pics of them. that photo of scout on the stairs kills me with the cuteness!! and those chips look yum - of course the pugs are always eager taste testers!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  14. Oh my god, I am totally in love with pugs and seeing these pictures of your dog makes my heart melt, haha! I love those chips--they make me feel less guilty!


  15. haha, Nikki, I always feel so bad about rubbing your lack of J.Crew shopping in your face! But I am happy to hear that you got your fix :)

  16. Oooh! Those sound cool! My bf is always finding the wackiest things on the internet, I don't even know where to start... unless it is shopping, and then I am ON it!

  17. Those chips look delish! And I get a kick out of your pug photos. Adorbs!

  18. YUM!!! I love chips that aren't really chips, but a healthier version. I will have to see if my Kroger carries them!


  19. You really are a fantastic pug photographer!! :-)

    And these giveaways??? Send some luck my way!


  20. I have the ideal solution for that problem and it's name is Mike!I give him Belgian chocolates and he orders for me :D His daughter sometimes helps me out too and shops J.Crew for me, and I shop Zara for her :D So keep the J.Crew finds coming I'd say, haha!


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