Saturday, March 2, 2013

weekend reading 03.02.13

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This weekend why don't you : pretend that it is Spring & pair stripes with florals!
(I'm drooling over this J.Crew top that combines both!)

- People always ask me about how I take my own photos using a tripod. Well, I wassss going to write a post, but then Megan of Feathers & Freckles wrote one & all I can say is DITTO. Check it out here.

- Remember the fabulous dress rental company, Lendperk, that I shared with you last month? They have hot off the presses plans starting at $20/month, with a free 9 day trial for all new subscribers! Sounds like time to sign up!

- Ok, shameless plug: I am participating in my first blogger contest & I don't like to lose (see #4 below)! Please vote (by re-pinning) my look for the Wallis Blazer Styling contest (pretty pretty please!)

- I have a gift card giveaway running over on Putting me together - hurry, because it ends tomorrow at midnight! Enter here!! 

- Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make this blog run smoothly. Have you seen my gorgeous March spotlight Joanna from Everything But Ordinary? Also, I have updated my banners with new shopping codes, including a 20% discount from eShakti with promo code "MYHERENDNW" (exclusively for my fabulous readers, for use through 3/10/13).

And now, I've fallen prey to the "5 things" trend. 
The gorgeous new mama that is Anna from Happy Medley tagged me & I couldn't resist!
{1.} I LOVE beer, not like, but love. I enjoy trying new brews & often seek out unique varieties with the man friend (currently drinking Abita Turbodog while I type this!).

{2.} Growing up, my friends used to sing my name like the Ricola commercial. Jesssssss-i-caaaaaa Riiiiiii-co-laaaaaaa - I can still hear it ringing through the middle school hallways.

{3.} I am a two-time Arkansas state dance champion & I got the huge a$$ rings to prove it!

{4.} I am super super competitive. No, not in sports*, I don't do that (*exception: dance) - we are talking about board games people. Life, Clue, Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Scategories, Cribbage, Settlers of Catan - bring it!

{5.} My pet peeve? Baggy sheets. Those babies gotta stay crisp, could bounce a quarter off them style! 

Ok, enough about ME, I tag: Jonna, Erin, Megan, Andrea & Tiffany! You're IT!
Let's keep this vicious & addicitng circle alive!


  1. my best friend's mom invented Apples to Apples :) It's like my claim to fame that I got to play the game heaps before it was ever in stores haha

  2. love the floral + stripe combo! now off to check Megan's blog, thanks :)

  3. Thank you for these links!

    xo Nina

  4. I re-pinned your outfit ^^ Hope you win!! x

  5. Awesome post , crazy enough I've only started liking beer this weekend , its such a unique taste .

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  6. I absolutely LOVE the stripes with florals look. So pretty! Now to find a floral shirt I like.

  7. Dance champion?! How did I not know this...that's amazing!! And I am also super competitive at board games...it's kind of a problem sometimes haha :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Oh yea, I danced from age 5 until 18 when I gave up my dreams of ever becoming a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson (gotta dream big right!?). Also, I am SUPER competitive, and unfortunately my boyfriend is just as board game competitive & stubborn as me (I blame the fact that we are both Leo's!) - sometimes I make him tell me I won even though I haven't won as much as a Connect 4 game against him in over 3 years!

  9. What!? That is amazing! One day we are going to meet up, wear our white lab coats and play Apples to Apples!


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