Friday, February 7, 2014

Blogger Spotlight: Helene In Between

Happy Friday - we made it! I am so excited to have the fabulous Helene of Helene In Between stepping into the blogger spotlight today. Helene is my go-to funny gal. She loves music, dogs, & is one half of the cutest married couple - seriously, I want to smuggle myself into her bag during her awesome music festival adventures!

I love her posts about being blog famous, the art of commenting, how you know you married the right person, that time she met Britney Spears (jelly!), & her signature move (see that slick skillz below? take notes!)

Enough of me, meet Helene (put on your Depends, laughs ahead!)
Find Helene around the Internets: Blog // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest 

And as a hello, welcome to the neighborhood stuff, Helene is giving away a Sephora gift card. Enter, then head on over to her blog to continue the love fest!


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