Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Shopping: Wardrobe Completers

As you all know, I finished my Master's degree at the beginning of January & then enjoyed a month off from work altogether (#FUNemployment). I took this time to finish up some major wedding planning (DIY invitations were a LOT harder than Pinterest led me to believe), live in my pajamas & catch up on my reading list.

It was hard, but I also managed to keep my spending under control (January's purchases) while the money flow was turned off. In fact, I haven't shopped at all this month (will power WIN!). And even better than that, I have had way too much fun remixing the existing items in my closet. I have also been jotting down the holes in my closet - the things that I keep looking when I get dressed & coming up empty.

These 10 items might look boring at first glance, but I believe they are the key to making the rest of my wardrobe more functional & versatile. An updated list of my wardrobe completers:
1. black cardigan // I love the look of a cardigan over of my beloved J.Crew Blythe blouses… & my black one just bit the dust!

2. tan booties // If only these weren't peep-toe, I would wear them with everything… the search continues!

3. navy striped tee // my red one is too flashy, on the hunt for a chic navy stripe to add to my collection

4. black booties // I've worn my Old Navy ones into the ground, this time around, I'm looking to invest!

5. black riding boot // I love my slouchy Steve Madden boots for weekend looks, & I think a more structured "riding" shape would finish out some of my "teacher style" outfits a little more professionally

6. swing sweater // to pair with my painted on skinny jeans… gotta cover the tush!

7. quilted day jacket // something stylish to throw over everything on my way out the door (while my dream jacket still remains this one… gotta save up!)

8. black midi skirt // I think would increase my outfit potential by a TON! Lady like skirts are my new favorite silhouette. 

9. dress pants // thanks for all your suggestions about the perfect dress pants… I'll keep you posted on what works best for me.

10. Spring bag // I have been leaning heavily on my new MK bag & Rebecca Minkoff, I would love to have a colorful option in the mix. 

And now that I have job (yay!!!), I will definitely be stashing away money for these babies!


  1. Congrats on the job! I am also re-entering the teaching job market.

  2. Hi, Jessica, lovely pieces, loved all of them, and the black skirt N8, I have it! yay! though took me one week of 'hunting' for it :) I am a big fan of feminine looking clothing. <3 Zhanna, www.stylehenge.com

  3. My trouble is that I'm missing too many basics! I buy varieties of things I already have but completely disregarding the basics I need. This is a great list!

  4. Great list of basics. For me they are not as much fun to buy, but they are the things I reach for over & over. I was looking through some pictures from 2013, and I had to laugh when I noticed that I had on my navy & off white striped tee in about 1/3 of the pictures. Good investment. :)

  5. these are great picks!
    congrats on finishing your masters!

  6. i love that blue bag!




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