Monday, February 24, 2014

wrap it up

{ What I Wore: Le Tote faux wrap dress* // boutique boots // Bip & Bop initial necklace + asymmetrical heart necklace // Michael Kors "Selma" purse }
* I received a complimentary subscription to Le Tote.

all photos | Zipporah Photography
I'm experiencing a little bit of style identity crisis. I look at my closet & see what I want it to be, but it isn't there yet, & I'm finding myself freezing up over every decision. As a budget shopper, I don't have unlimited funds to play around with, & I want every purchase to be amazing. Not just a one hit wonder, but a major player in my dream closet - a functional, mix-and-match love fest.

So I've found myself over thinking every decision. Paralyzed by indecision. 

I wasn't on a shopping ban this month, but I didn't purchase anything. Nothing stuck out to me. There are things on my "wardrobe completers" list, but I couldn't find the exact right items. Going shopping & being unable to find anything to bring home is a special type of torture.

While I waffle in the purgatory of an overactive "what if" trigger, my Le Tote subscription is an extra awesome treat for me. I love the freedom of enjoying a stylist-selected tote of clothing for a week or so, & then sending it back. Without having to weigh the decision of whether of not the piece belongs in my forever closet. Seriously, it's the best!
After I received this gorgeous leopard printed faux wrap dress in my latest Le Tote bag, I remembered that a DVF wrap dress should really be topping the list of my next purchases. I love the classic wrap silhouette & the flattering jersey of her famous dresses. Now, to decide on a color!

Gah, a think wedding planning has officially zapped my ability to decide!
Has anyone else been suffering style paralysis?
How did you get out of it!?

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  1. gorgeous print! And i totally need that bag!

  2. that color looks amazing on you, and that dress is on MY want list. love it!

  3. I always feel good in a pretty wrap dress...they're just so easy to wear! This one looks great on you, Jessica!

  4. I hear ya! As with anything, I can get in such a rut with my closet!!! A wrap dress is totally swoon worthy and completely a perfect piece to break your style paralysis...in my oppinion!

  5. I love this dress and those necklaces. Cute shoot!



  6. okay I love these pictures of you and the piano statue - where is it?

  7. that dress is beautiful! and I love your necklaces!! I have so many clothes but often look in my closet and feel like I don't know what to wear!

  8. i am having a heck of a time getting my style updated, refreshed and in gear. i also blame wedding planning. ugh

    Ladies in Navy

  9. I love this dress and of course it's perfection with that bag!


  10. Really love the editing and color on these images, lady -- are you using a particular filter/set of actions on your pics?

  11. Oh thanks lady! My photographer friend has been taking the photos and editing them for me. I love what she does, but I have zero clue how she does it! xx

  12. That green color is GORGEOUS on you!! I love the way the dress flatters your body. Great pick!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  13. Comfy, cute and super chic! I hear you on the wardrobe crisis, although I feel like yours is impeccable. Although like you, I'm going to start concentrating on more classic pieces. The number of Target hangers in my closet is embarrassing. (You know the ones with the little color coordinated size tabs on top). I realized how much crap I've bought over the past couple years, and a lot of it has been for the blog quite honestly. Not bashing Target at all - love the place - but for now I'm not letting myself buy anything unless I'm both 100% certain I will wear it next year, and 100% certain it will last that long. I think a DVF dress would be an awesome investment!

  14. Loving the color and print of that dress, its gorgeous!



  15. that bag is gorgeous!



  16. OH this dress is so cute! This shade of green looks amazing on you!

  17. It's a statue by Music Row in Nashville, TN. :)

  18. adorable, i love the print and how you paired it with the cognac leather

    xo, Nina


  19. That jade leopard top is beautiful!

  20. You look so pretty in these pictures! Love the outfit too!


  21. I adore that dress... The color, shape... LOVE!

  22. so beautiful! xxo

  23. Such a cute post and dress! I've been meaning to give Le Tote a try.
    xo Adri

  24. These pictures are so fun! Love the last one. Hope wedding planning goes smoothly.


  25. Cute photos! I have this system when it comes to deciding what to add to my wardrobe. I pin all outfit I like or want to copy on pinterest boards (one for warm weather one for cold). If I have 15 or more pins of a similar item I know it is something I can add to my wardrobe. I chose the number 15 because theoretically if I have 15 outfits with one item then that item could be worn every second day for a month.


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