Saturday, February 8, 2014

weekend reading: 02.08.14

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This weekend why don't you :: bust out the maxi skirts for some transitional Winter style?

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{5.} Moonlighting over on my friend Shelby's blog (she styled the outfit I'm wearing in that post!) 

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  1. Maxi skirts are a great piece for all seasons!

  2. Love the idea of wearing a maxi in winter. It's a bit cold here for that unfortunately :(

    xo, Nina


  3. The awesome thing is, you could totally have on 3 pairs of leggings on underneath and no one would know! I find jeans so cold in the winter, but skirts are much more layerable!

  4. True that. But then there's the problem of a beautiful skirt dragging through the snow and slush and getting ruined. I supposed you southerners don't have that problem though :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life (Beauty Giveaway in progress!)

  5. Um, yea - I definitely haven't ever thought about that circumstance. But now that I do, it sounds like my nightmare! Good luck with that lady!

  6. i love that first look! that green maxi is amazing!



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