Monday, July 9, 2012

Nashville Tourist

Ty and I entertained out of town visitors this weekend. Nashville can be such a tourist trap that I typically avoid the "when-in-Nashville-sites" so I don't run into Midwesterners/Australians/retired Floridians/etc. in cowboy hats and boots (after 3 years, I feel like a local)... but when friends come to town, it is fun to get down with some honky tonks and Southern fried cooking.
If you are ever looking to come visit Music City, there are some great guides out on the internets. My personal favorite (most true to what I would actually want to do in Nashville) comes from the lovelies over at Design*Sponge (Nashville guide)
P.S. they have great guides for other cities too!
The weather here has been down right oppressive, and I was finally brave enough to bust out my crop top... and yes, it is the tamest crop top you have ever seen (my arms have to be over my head for my belly to show)... baby steps!
{ What I wore: H&M top // J.Crew necklace // Blank Denim via ModCloth mint jeans // Nine West sandals } 
{Get the look}
What exploring have you been doing lately?
Do you ever act like a tourist in your own town?
Happy Monday!
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  1. I dont do much here in Huntsville since its a pretty quiet town but there are a few gelato spots that are fun to go to when Im in the mood to get out. I still consider Nashville my home so I make the 2 hour drive pretty regularly. My fave thing to do is eat  at San Antonio Taco or at the Farmers Market :)

    Love your "baby steps" crop top :) Im not daring enough to do it myself!

  2. Love this look! Coral and Mint are my two favorite colors together! Say hello to Nashville for me,  I cannot wait to be back there in the fall! I miss that city so much!


  3. I love Nashville, and I LOVE this outfit! Such a fun color combo - you look so cute :)
    The Other Side of Gray 

  4. seriously you are just the cutest!! Love the colors together!!   

  5. Gorgeous outfit combo! Both of those colors look stunning on you! I haven't been to Nashville in years, but I know it would be so fun to head up there as an adult!

  6. Shanna_schneiderJuly 9, 2012 at 10:11 AM

    Okay, if we ever make it to Nashville, I will be emailing you for the best places to go! Hope you guys had a good time! High five for the cropped top!  Loving it...and you don't need to take a baby steps....I think it is the perfect length!  

  7. The coral and mint are gorgeous together! The Jersey shore is a huge tourist attraction in the summer so there's definitely places I'll avoid since I know they'll be super crowded.

    The Tiny Heart

  8. I love the necklace, and the pants! Great color combo!


  9. I am in love with this outfit, these are my absolute favorite colors together! Love the top and the necklace. You look so pretty Jess! :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  10. gorgeous combination, love that mint jeans!



  11. That top is great! I think it fits you perfectly! I definitely like being a tourist in my city, it's just annoying when there's so many people in the way and you can't find a place to park! So I like to find less known but equally fun spots!

  12. i LOVE this look, jessica!! and i LOVE exploring the city where we live :) it's so fun!!

    still being [molly]

  13. Mint jeans are a favorite of mine! Cute necklace too :)

    <3, natasha @ twenty-something blog

  14. 7TwentySomethingsJuly 9, 2012 at 12:03 PM

    I love those mint pants on you with that color top! :) Glad you had fun being a tourist when your friends were over... I still have never went on a duck tour of boston haha


  15. Loving the top and the j.crew necklace.  Being a tourist in your own town is so much fun. . . makes you get out there and do stuff rather than doing the same things every weekend.  Never been to Nashville - hopefully one day!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  16. That color combination is fantastic!  Since I've been gone from Nashville for almost 7 years, I love to do the touristy stuff when I'm back visiting. Hope you had a great weekend!

  17. I love coral and mint, so cute!

  18. I love your necklace, really makes the outfit pop. 

  19. Love the top! I bought two crops this summer and haven't worn them yet... but I think I'll be layering them over a tank when I do (I know, I'm a chicken).

    The most touristy thing I've done in my city is the Harbour Hopper, which is a giant green land/water tour bus that actually "ribbits". LOL


  20. i LOVE  coral and mint together like this. so much that this color combo is on my bed right now (reddy coral quilt with mint sheets) i love the texture of your top and obviously the colors. and i totally look like a tourist in my towns ALL the time. :D

  21. I love this huge statement necklace!  Super cute.  And congrats on being featured on Teen Vogue!  That has so be extremely exciting!!


  22. looooovely outfit! the colors are so beautiful

  23. Love the coral and mint together! Hope you had fun in Nashville!


  24. totally love this color combo!  mint is my fave!

  25. Congrats on your first contributing post lady, so exciting!

  26. Cute color combo, I love the mint with the coral top and the almost monochromatic necklace on top!  I feel you on tourist traps - I live in Chicago, so I often avoid places for that very reason!

  27. You look gorgeous girl! :) Love this top and that J.Crew bubble necklace is AMAZING! Love the colors!

  28. Ashley AspinwallJuly 10, 2012 at 9:47 PM

    that top and necklace are so cute!! i love the mint and red color combo ;)

    xo SideSmile,AshleyPs. Don't forget to enter myBandiez Couture Headband Giveaway

  29. I love the color combination!! :) 

  30. Great style, you're so cute too ^^
    I hope you'll like my blog ♥ :3

    (http://kitkatkorpan.over-blog.com) ^^

  31. I love this top on you! A baby crop is probably all I would rock too. Design Sponge did a city guide near me and it was AWESOME. Great info and reviews on places and restaurants.

    Hannah  Tattoos and Pearls

  32. I love to act like a tourist in my own home town. There is so many things that you don't know about so its fun to discover new things to do. Your outfit is amazing, I would wear every piece here! and that necklace is driving me crazy.. since I ordered it I am seeing it more and more on different blogs! hehe I just want mine at my doorstep lol.  I have a make up and fashion blog, hope you visit some time and follow if you like... Have a great day!

  33. Thank you for your sweet comment! I love meeting my new followers, I will be over to check out your site soon! I will in the next week be announcing a giveaway for a statement necklace... So stay tuned! xx


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